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Pause Control Hand-Held Shower

Pause Control Hand-Held Shower

• Reduce water flow with the touch of a button with this hand-held
   shower's exclusive pause control feature
• An easy-to-turn, oversized spray control lets you choose settings:
   shower, pulsating, massage or pause
• New chrome hand-held shower provides attractive and high-quality
   chrome finish that coordinates with chrome accessories in the
• Enjoy easy showering while seated or standing with an extra-long 7-ft.    flex-soft hose
• Lightweight, soft-grip handle with safety strap provides a secure grip
• Ergonomic, attractively styled design
• Durable construction
• Has 4 settings: Shower, Pulsating, Massage, Pause
• Two pieces: Hand-held Shower or Grab Bar Hand-held shower holder

Brand: Moen
SKU Number: DN8001

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