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Lightweight Push Palm Release Walker

Lightweight Push Palm Release Walker

• Without wheels OR with 5" wheels
• Deluxe Push Palm Release Ultra Lightweight Folding Walker
• The unique, Push-Palm Release makes it easy to open and close the
   walker from a seated or standing position
• The release mechanism pops up with an audible "click" that ensures
   the side frame is completely opened
• Weighs only 4.91 lbs
• Manufactured utilizing a unique process that eliminates the use of    fasteners to prevent any component from becoming loose over time
• Sturdy 1" diameter aluminum is lightweight and ensures maximum    strength
• Each side operates independently to allow easy movement through    narrow spaces and greater stability while standing
• Deluxe soft ribbed contoured hand grips
• Patent Pending
• Limited LIfetime Warranty

Brand: Drive
SKU Number: 1096C

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