Independent Living Aids

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Up-Lift Premium Power Seat

Up-Lift Premium Power Seat

• Patented LeveLift Technology curves the seat for a safe, gentle lift
• Provides 100% lift for those up to 300lbs
• Easy-to-adjust flexible hand control to position where it's convenient
   for you
• Large, toggle switch - stop the lift at the height you choose
• Removable, three-layer cushion wtih memory foam for maximum    comfort
• Portable with 2 ergonomic carry handles
• Stable non-skid base for peace-of-mind
• Washable, zippered cover with comfort mesh for improved air flow
• Wipe down cushion with mild soap & water for quick clean-up
• Has been awarded the Arthritis Foundation Ease-Of-Use

Brand: Pride
SKU Number: PS3017 / PS3020

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