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FreedomAlert Emergency Assistance System

FreedomAlert Emergency Assistance System

• FreedomAlert offers the ability to summon assistance at any given time    with a single push of a button
• FreedomAlert is the first product ever to allow you instant 2-way
   speaker phone communication through your mini wearable pendant to
   family, friends, or neighbors, at any given time from anywhere in or
   around the home
• If your programmed contacts are unreachable at the moment - the    system can default to contact 911 emergency operator
• Whether you are checking in with a friend, need some quick help from a    neighbor, or in a full blown emergency, your FreedomAlert Pendant will    allow you to communicate your message instantly and efficiently from    within 600' feet of your base station
• This is not a cellular phone
• Up to 4 user programmable contacts to call anytime
• Water resistant and the pendant allows you to summon help even if    you are in the shower where seniors are most prone to accidents
• Voice prompted system announces activation during dialing, batterty    test and full system check
• System has 24-hour standby battery power
• Fully portable for use in any home with a regular phone line
• Base has built-in 24 hour battery backup

Brand: Pride
SKU Number: 35911 / 37920 / 35911P / 35911T

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