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Guardian Alert 911 Emergency Phone System

Guardian Alert 911 Emergency Phone System

• No monitoring fees, service charges, or contracts ever
• Talk directly through your pendant to 911 Emergency Operator at the    push of a button
• Complete coverage in and around your home
• The world's only 2-way Emergency Pendant Communicator
• 24-Hour 7 Days a Week Emergency Protection
• Maximum range: 600 feet
• 1-year Limited Warranty
• Unit measures 3-1/8"L X 1-7/8"W X 3/4" thick
• An antenna is on the side measuring 1-7/8" X 3/4" with a diameter of    7/16"

Brand: Pride
SKU Number: 30911 / 30914 / 30912 / 30911T / 30911P

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