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Travel-John Disposable Personal Urination Pouch

Travel-John Disposable Personal Urination Pouch

• Adult or Juvenile
• Leakproof, hygenic and odorless
• Non-toxic, odorless, spill proof gel
• Instantly gels after absorption of liquid thus making it leakproof
• No closure needed
• Waste disposal safe, simply throw away
• Small and lightweight
• Volume indicator included
• Unisex plastic collar for easy handling
• Perfect for post-prostate surgery, incontinence, cramping, or for any    situation when or where a restroom is not easily accessible
• LIQSORB absorbent pouch changes liquid waste into biodegradable    leak-proof gel bag instantly
• For men or women - sitting or standing
• Spill guard prevents back flow during use
• Pack of 3
• Beautiful, color retail packaging

Brand: Pride
SKU Number: 3033 / 3033A

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